An experiment in social moderation

Automatically removes spam, scams and unwanted comments from your postings and profiles across multiple social media platforms.


It's "social anti-virus" protection - helping you keep your walls clean of spam, cats, porn, ads, trolls, ex-girlfriends and
your uncle Lou's inappropriate jokes.

Currently scanning and cleaning Facebook, Instagram and YouTube comments:

Coming soon for Wordpress, Disqus, Pinterest & More!

Smarter than a Blacklist

Combining automatic and manual moderation. We flag important keywords for review, and take actions.

Continuous Monitoring

Near real-time monitoring ensures that content you don't want, doesn't last long.

Enhanced Notifications

Customized notifications sent to you anywhere.

Community Strength

As more content and users are flagged, the system grows smarter, and we can proactively suggest content to scrub clean.

Many More Features Coming Soon

Our roadmap is a highway! After we graduate past the initial beta period, we'll be releasing many new exciting features.

Your Privacy Is #1

We don't post on your behalf, and we don't cache your pages. We only store the minimal required information to keep a log of your flagged content.


Facebook Posts


Instagram Photos


Comments Cleaned

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Pricing Options

All plans are free during our beta period.



Free for use on your personal profiles

  • Comments Scanning
  • Automatic Cleaning
  • Custom Filters & Rules
  • 15-Minute Scanning Interval
  • Email Alerts

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STARTING AT $7/month

For social profiles up to 9,999 Friends/Fans

  • 5-Minute Scanning Interval
  • Fan Posts Scanning *
  • Photo Scanning *
  • Automatic User Blocking *
  • Enhanced Reporting *

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Fans/Friends Count $/Month
10,000 $47
25,000 $77
50,000 $177
100,000 $247
250,000 $477
500,000 $777
1,000,000+ $1777

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